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 Automatic Data Monitoring

Culture at Bigeye

There’s life at work and life outside work. We want our team members to feel supported in both settings and look to achieve this with our “remote first” culture. We want you to be healthy, well-rested, and connected to your loved ones and community.

Commitment to D&I

At Bigeye, we live our values, believe in our mission, and feel supported as individuals. We believe building a diverse and inclusive organization is a shared responsibility and as a team we are committed to fostering a representative, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

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  • Senior Product Designer


  • Backend Engineer


  • Engineering Manager


Bigeye helps data teams monitor, detect, and prevent problems faster. More visibility. Less firefighting.

Scalability:  Our customer base and usage are growing quickly, so any new features/services have to be able to handle the amount of traffic we will have in the future. Building useable products and features on top of highly technical concepts: Bigeye monitors data quality using metrics, which are very powerful but potentially complex to understand on their own. We spend a lot of time collaborating on Product and Design in order to make these concepts consumable in a useful way for our customers.

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