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Meet Cquence

Cquence is a venture-backed, seed stage startup accelerating video creation for the 50 million creators who earn a living online today.

Tech Challenges at Cquence

What do Figma, Airtable, and Squarespace all have in common? They democratized their spaces: design (Figma), databases (Airtable), and web development (Squarespace). At Cquence, we’re democratizing video creation. And it’s really, really hard. We’ve built the foundation for the last 2+ years, and the great news is you get to join us for the really exciting part: scaling product to scale customer acquisition.


Unlike dealing with image or audio, video is multi-dimensional and demands its own workflow. Cquence is an engineer’s dream: cloud-first, collaborative, and data-driven. Our modern tech stack is React / Redux on the front-end, Node.js on the back-end. Our AWS cloud infrastructure is all serverless, and our CICD pipeline makes deployments a pleasure 🙂


Historically, video is really hard for professional and non-professional video creators. Our biggest challenge to date and going forward will continue to be developing an amazing user experience on the front-end while abstracting away as much complexity as possible on the back-end.



Culture at Cquence

Our culture is built on passion, creativity, autonomy, and collaboration. What does this mean?


Our founding team loves video — we have a decade of award winning experience here, and we’re revolutionizing how video is created because we’ve felt the pain ourselves. Our mission is to democratize the creative workflow that comes with this — and we’ve recognized that in order to successfully build a platform for the creator community externally, we first need to build a creative community internally.


Day to day, our team is really well-balanced and we minimize standing meetings. This way, we can stay focused on heads-down work, which we all love doing (building the future of video creation doesn’t feel like work to us). In order to rapidly solve very challenging problems at such a high velocity, we value productive team collaboration (both async over Slack and hopping on calls) to do everything from pair programming to end-of-week product reviews where we all share together the amazing work we’ve completed this past week!


At the end of the day, our team is uniquely-positioned to solve video creation, and we’re so excited to scale our engineering team with driven and passionate founding engineers 🙂

Cquence Product Demo

A video editing race between a Cquence customer and a non-Cquence customer.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As we’ve begun hiring, we’ve ensured to prioritize our diversity and inclusion efforts. Here are several examples:


1) We sourced paid interns in 2020 from the CUNY 2X Tech Talent Pipeline (https://www.techtalentpipeline.nyc/cs-doubling), hiring women and people of color. We are currently sourcing for full-time hiring here as well.


2) We prioritized including investors to join our seed round with a focus on diversity and inclusion efforts like Gaingels (https://gaingels.com/) and Diversity Angels (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/diverse-angels).


3) We’re scaling our engineering team, and the majority of our hiring budget is dedicated to diverse and inclusive sourcing from communities like Women Impact Tech.


4) We’ve emphasized opportunities for neurodiverse candidates, and our currently-employed sales associate who is building our lead generation pipeline is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


Sourcing candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds continues to be important to us — it’s something we think independently matters and will help us succeed as we build a diverse creator community.

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