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Meet Glean

Glean is building the most intuitive way for teams to collaborate with data. Our mission is to democratize the large amounts of data that modern teams are collecting and make advanced self-service tooling more attainable for diverse types of organizations. Founded by the former VP of Data from Flatiron Health, we are a well-funded, highly ambitious New York City startup with an experienced team. We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to hire people who are excited about joining an early-stage startup and helping build a world-class engineering culture.


More about the product:

Companies today have increasingly large and powerful data warehouses, along with data teams that are responsible for building these systems and helping the business make data-driven decisions. Although there has been a lot of recent innovation in the data warehousing storage and transformation layers, it still takes a lot of time and effort to share this data effectively with other stakeholders. Existing tools are hard to use and maintain, and don’t integrate well with modern data engineering workflows.


Glean is a Software-as-a-Service product used by data teams to provide insightful, interactive views of data to stakeholders. It integrates with a customer’s existing data warehouse and is designed to get users to an actionable, exploratory interface with minimal effort, and it provides powerful developer tooling for data engineers.


Given the lack of compelling tools on the market, and the enormous and growing need for non-technical users to analyze data, we have a huge opportunity to create a product that teams from startups to enterprises love using.

Tech Challenges at Glean

  • For frontend engineers
  • Building elegant and insightful interfaces will be key to Glean’s success. We believe nimble and performant components should empower users to explore their data as rapidly as they want.
  • Visualization is core to our approach and your work will be front and center in the product. We have only scratched the surface of all ways customers want to express their data visually.
  • For backend / data engineers
  • Success here will involve deeply understanding the modern data stack and building tools that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ systems and workflows.
  • We’re building Glean to be the fastest BI tool on the market. There are a lot of interesting technical challenges involved in building high-performance data tools on top of unpredictable customer infrastructure.
  • For devops engineers
  • Our DevOps infrastructure is still in early development. Engineers who join today will be building our core operational infrastructure and be positioned to lead these teams as we grow.

Culture at Glean

As an early-stage startup, we can offer new hires a lot of opportunity to help shape our engineering culture as we scale. Here are a few things that are important to us:



    • We’re empathetic, collaborative and customer-centric.
    • We’re self-starting and love feeling ownership over our work.
  • We’re incredibly curious about our product hypothesis and you constantly push ourselves and your team forward.
    • We are intrigued by the problem of how to help non-technical teams easily look up, visualize, and learn from data
    • We’re self-starting and love feeling ownership over our work.


Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Glean’s core reason for existing is to diversify the types of organizations that can take advantage of their data and democratize who has access to advanced tooling.  Our outlook and worldview is beyond silicon valley and we believe to bring access to diverse teams, we have to build a diverse culture to serve those teams.  Glean’s founder, Carlos Aguilar successfully built a diverse data team at Flatiron Health and is committed to diversity and inclusion being at the core of Glean’s culture.

Meet Our Team

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