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At Hatch, we’re dreaming up new ways to help everyone sleep better. We’ve helped over a million families get the sleep they need and we’re just getting started. Originally inspired by new parents and their babies, Hatch has evolved our suite of smart sleep products to help humans of all ages and stages develop and maintain natural, healthy sleep habits.

Say Hey to Ann and Dave

Ann Crady Weiss, CEO of Hatch, has always believed technology could improve lives. Previously the SVP of consumer experience for BabyCenter, she met her husband and Hatch co-founder, Dave Weiss, at work and between the two of them they ran product, engineering, editorial, design, community and marketing teams. But they were entrepreneurs at heart, and their passion for helping people solve real-life problems led them to create Hatch.



Ann’s long nights awake with her first baby and Dave’s ongoing struggles with insomnia sent them on a quest to make sleep easier, beginning with Rest and Rest+ for little ones and expanding to adults with Restore. Featured on “Shark Tank” in 2016, Hatch (formerly Hatch Baby) has quickly grown into a leader in sleep by taking what’s proven to work and making it simple —  Hatch products are designed to help you sleep better, starting tonight.

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Celebrate Sleep — and all the good things that come with it — with Hatch.

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