HQ: Culver City, CA

The Sweet Talk

Every morning at sweetgreen we start the day with a morning ritual called a Sweet Talk. It’s our version of a team huddle and an opportunity for us to come together before the day starts to get know each other as people—not just coworkers. It’s a moment to celebrate wins and talk about how we will make an impact with our customers. This Sweet Talk was led by one of our New York City head coaches, Christian, who is passionate about creating culture within his own team. The video features different members of our extended Sweetgreen family: Mike Wardian, a Sweetgreen-sponsored ultra-marathon runner; Namrata Awasthi, a Sweetgreen customer and teacher at an NYC public school; the Tamai family, who supplies our heirloom cherry tomatoes and strawberries on the West Coast; and Yuna, an original Sweetlife Festival performer and avid Sweetgreen customer.