Build Diverse and Inclusive Tech Teams

Our Elevate Series helps your company host a customized virtual event to our community of women in tech for hiring and branding initiatives.

Attract Your Ideal Audience

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Showcase Your Brand Identity

What to Expect



Elevate Series Event Day

Live and recorded breakout sessions, featured speakers, and branded content directly in front of event attendees


Expansive Virtual Audience

Whether your team wants a hyper-targeted audience or a more general demographic, our team has it covered! We work with you to understand and find your audience to make sure the Elevate content your brand offers is delivered.


Elevate your Audience

Enhance the audience’s experience by sharing challenges and problems your team is working to solve, showcase technologies and tech stacks, and build workshops to let the attendees peer through the window and become team members for a day.

Supercharge your Tech Pipeline

Our Elevate Series partners receive our Elevate Cloud, where all active event candidates and profiles are stored, making sourcing and recruiting faster and easier for your team!


Organized Candidate Management


Boost the number of active applicants your team sees

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DEI Talent Acquisition Events

Women Impact Tech offers a fully customized DEI hiring event with a high volume of top-tier, diverse technologists. Our events can range in size, scope, and complexity depending on a company’s hiring needs and timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, our team works with you to custom build your audience and event experience over the course of 60 days. After the build, we will launch the event for a dynamic day of engaging content!

Our team typically specializes in building Elevate Series events for women in tech or tech-adjacent demographics. Although that’s our secret sauce, there are no restrictions to who your target audience can be. Let us know and we will do our best to build out your custom audience!

Elevate Series events are usually blasted out to the target audience on a specific date for a typical event length of 2-4 hours.

Our partners have leveraged pre-recorded speakers, panels, and team meetings, along with live product demonstrations, interactive zoom workshops, and more. There are no limitations to what your team is able to present!