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AppD Technical Leader - Java Platform

    San Jose, CA, San Francisco, CA

About the Role:

End User Monitoring (EUM) also known as Real User Monitoring (RUM) measures user experience from real users by capturing performance data on end user devices like Browsers, Mobile Applications, IoT Devices et al. Another aspect of EUM is Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) where we allow customers to test scripted flows against their websites from browsers deployed around the world. The team manages the Browser Agent (built on Java Script), the IOS Agent (built on Objective C), the Android Agent (built on Java), IoT agents, Synthetic User Agents, the EUM Cloud (A scalable Data processor—think Map Reduce—and Data Analytics), our engine (built on Amazon Web Services components), Synthetic Services to schedule & manage synthetic sessions and integration with all other Cisco AppDynamics Products. The RUM Agents are embedded inside the end user app. It instruments the core platform APIs and callbacks and captures end user experience metrics, errors and key stats like device, geo, OS etc. (No Personal Identifying Info). The synthetic agents include a mechanism to pull synthetic session requests, drive Selenium scripts run against browsers instrumented to capture metrics as well as screen shots. All the final data is processed in an infinitely scalable infrastructure built on Amazon Cloud. As a member of a key technical leader in the engineering team, some of your primary responsibilities include:


  • Architect, design and implement innovative software modules for our distributed system.
  • Propose solutions, debug and fix defects, and deliver a high performance and high-quality software product.
  • Build Core Java Services that can process billions of end user requests from some of the largest e-commerce sites of the world.
  • Scale products with cloud agnostic infrastructure (AWS, AZURE and etc).
  • Zero downtime, zero data drop, continuous deployment, multi-tenant, multi-version etc.


  • 10+ years designing, implementing and debugging large-scale software applications.
  • 10+ years in Java/J2EE and object-oriented development.
  • Strong understanding of microservice architectures, principles and patterns.
  • Strong understanding of SQL, including experience working with one or more relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL or MySQL).
  • Deep understanding of data structures such as lists, queues, maps and trees.
  • Working with cloud-native infrastructure on a private (AWS) or Hybrid cloud.
  • Drive a unit, integration, system test strategy that will help the team deliver value with a high degree of quality.
  • Experience in API Gateway and Service Mesh for secured, scalable and resilient deployment of microservices.
  • Working with and building a real-time compute and streaming infrastructure (Kafka, Flink, Storm, Spark, etc).
  • You’re passionate about what you’re doing and ignite people around you.

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