Women Impact Tech

Senior Software Engineer, AWARDS

    New York, NY, Remote

Full Time

About the Role:

Foothold Technology provides software for human services agencies to ease the burden of
documentation – providing our client agencies the freedom to focus on their mission.
Foothold was born out of three NYC human services agencies in 2000. Having originated within a
human services agency, we’re firmly committed to easing the administrative burden on our clients, and
in turn, helping the millions of individuals they serve receive excellent care. Today, more than 1,000
agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS software to manage and bill for their services.
Foothold is owned by ASG, which is a software business that buys, builds, and operates
market-leading vertical SaaS companies. Foothold is located in the heart of Manhattan – just south of
Union Square – and the team is deeply passionate about helping the people who help people.

Job Description:

This is an incredible opportunity to join a growing SaaS company and a group of highly motivated cross -functional Scrum Team members (Dev, QA, Product, Design). Our Engineers are comfortable across the stack (full stack) and so are you. You will design and develop code that delivers rich experiences using HTML5, Modern JavaScript (Vue.js), CSS, and related frameworks on desktop and mobile browsers. You will also work on the business logic / back-end using your experience/expertise in developing Cloud Native (AWS) APIs / services in Node.js. You feel comfortable working in our legacy code base (PHP) as we work on gradually transitioning to a full stack JS web application.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Coding Bootcamp or Equivalent practical experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Coding Bootcamp or Equivalent practical experience
  • Experience with Jira and Bitbucket or other Git repositories
  • Highly proficient with the JavaScript language and its modern ES6+ syntax and features
  • Highly proficient with Vue.js or a modern framework stack and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
  • Experience in Typescript is preferred
  • Experience in Node.js and related frameworks / platforms such as Express, Lambda & Serverless preferred
  • Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, and SCSS
  • Experience in Front-End UI frameworks such as Vuetify or other Material design frameworks.
  • Understanding the nature of Asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds
  • Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, well-documented, and clean JavaScript code
  • Familiarity with automated JavaScript testing, with testing frameworks such as Cypress or Jest
  • Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs
  • Experience in AWS service ecosystems such as API Gateway, Cognito, ECS/EKS, RDS and Lambda preferred.
  • Clear, concise, and thorough written and oral communication skills--you have the ability to communicate complex ideas in simple, easy-to-understand ways.
  • Available during core Eastern US hours so as to work collaboratively with the Scrum team.
  • Any prior exposure to PHP or similar languages would be beneficial, as the existing application is a LAPP stack application (Linux, Apache, Postgres, PHP).
  • Prior experience designing and developing Transactional Enterprise applications is preferred
  • Prior experience developing Healthcare applications is a big plus

Key Responsibilities:

Technical Execution: Javascript Web Development
● Design and develop code that delivers rich experiences using HTML5, Modern JavaScript, CSS,
and related frameworks on desktop and mobile browsers.
● Produce robust, secure, modular, and maintainable code.
● Build modular and reusable components and libraries
● Implement automated testing integrated into development and maintenance workflows
● Stay up-to-date with all recent developments in JavaScript and ES6+ syntax
● Propose any upgrades and updates necessary for keeping up with modern security and
development best practices
● Leads by example in terms of adherence to Foothold Engineering Definition of Done in PR
reviews & merges

Technical Execution: Vue.js Front-End Development
● Implement user-facing web applications and components with the Vue.js framework, following
generally accepted practices and workflows.
● Translate Interface Designs into pixel perfect elegant Vue.js code
● Develop Vue.js applications using deep familiarity & experience in Vue 3; stay up-to-date with all
recent developments in the Vue.js space
● Keep an eye on security updates and issues found with Vue.js and all project dependencies

Technical Execution: Node.js Development
● Implement & Consume REST, SOAP APIs in Node.js
● Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications
● Develop server-side business logic using container based mini/micro services or serverless
functions in AWS
● Protect the security of our systems and facilities through effective use of OAuth2.0, OpenID
Connect, TLS, and other encryption technologies
● Maintain and evolve the AWARDS EHR Database schema to be a normalized relational Postgres

Ownership, Accountability, Communication & Collaboration
● Be an accountable and committed member of a high functional Scrum Team
● Drive Sprint goals to completion by monitoring Team JIRA boards and working closely (swarm)
with team members to get user stories completed in priority order
● Collaborate with the Scrum team members actively over Slack, Hangouts, Zoom, etc.
Uphold Foothold’s Core Values: Mission-Driven, Respect, Collaboration, Work-Life Balance, and

Stack and Experience
We use Rails, React, and Postgres. We don’t expect you to know these specifically, but
experience with modern web development is a big plus. In general, we believe that an excellent
communicator who is excited by our mission, passionate about code as craft, and generally
thoughtful, intellectually curious, and driven would thrive on our team, regardless of which
technologies they’ve worked with before.

As a rough ballpark of the experience we’re looking for, if you’ve worked at a tech company on
a large, shared codebase for 4–5 years, great. But we are also open to other kinds of
experience. If your background includes forays into product or design as well as
engineering—or if you’ve got experience working in healthcare or social services—that’s great
too. If you’ve managed people before, wonderful; but if you’ve worn the hat of mentor, coach, or
advocate, and have thought critically about how to lead others in an effective and human way,
get in touch!

Working at Foothold
FCM is part of Foothold Technology, a team of 75 mission-driven folks committed to building
better technology for organizations that support underserved populations. We’ve been around
since 2000, when we spun out of Community Access, a NYC-based non-profit that’s still a
customer today!

Foothold offers two products: an Electronic Health Record (EHR) called AWARDS, and a care
management platform called FCM (recently acquired, and formerly known as Relevant Health
Homes). Across our products, our customers support nearly 1.2 million individuals on a monthly

● Join a small team of passionate and kind people (currently, there are 14 of us on the FCM
team) who love what we do.
● Work at a mission-driven company that values integrity, respect, and work-life balance.
● Competitive salary, excellent benefits, 401(k) with employer matching, generous and
flexible vacation policy, and continual learning opportunities.
● Remote-friendly in the U.S, as in authorized to work in the U.S. with no restrictions. We
have an office space in NYC, but most employees were remote even before the
pandemic. Want to work from a cabbage farm? Excellent.

About Health Homes
Health Homes is a major initiative to intervene with high-risk Medicaid patients. The program
was launched in 2012, as part of the Affordable Care Act, and spends approximately $500
million per year in New York State.

Health Home patients may have multiple chronic conditions, substance use challenges, or
serious mental illness; they might be homeless or incarcerated. The goal is to improve health
outcomes while also reducing total system costs, with a special focus on preventing
unnecessary hospitalizations.

Dozens of organizations, from large health systems like Sun River Health to community-based
organizations like Housing Works and The Alliance, use our care management platform to
collaborate on patient care and track progress for Health Home patients.

How to apply
Send an email to careers@footholdtechnology.com with the subject line “Lead Software
Engineer, FCM”. When responding, please include a resume and a note in the body of the email
briefly answering the following (a few sentences for each is fine):
● What do you look for in companies you consider joining?
● Summarize your experience/interest in mentoring or leading other engineers.
We’re committed to building a diverse company. Applicants who identify with groups that are
under-represented in the technology industry are strongly encouraged to apply.


All qualified applicants will be afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination
because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or marital status

Meet Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology offers web-based software for human service providers that eases the burden of documentation, providing the freedom to focus on their mission. More than 1,000 agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS software to manage and bill for their services. AWARDS is ideal for virtually all human services, including Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Developmental Disabilities, Homeless & Housing, Employment & Training, Seniors, Youth & Family, and more.