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Frontend Engineering Manager


About the Role:

imgix is looking for an engineering manager for our Frontend team, which builds intuitive, functional, and delightful user experiences.

The Frontend team at imgix is responsible for building and maintaining our static websites and our Angular-based single page web applications, which enable our customers to manage their accounts and images, including sign-up, onboarding, service configuration, billing, and analytics. We are looking for someone to manage this team and oversee the career growth and performance of these team members.

About You:

  • Enjoys teaching others and gets satisfaction from seeing them learn and improve
  • Has experience working on large-scale, production web applications with modern frontend frameworks, such as Angular, React, or Vue.js
  • Strong design sensibility and attention to detail
  • Believes in the value of writing code that is clean, testable, and maintainable
  • Knows when to write new code and when to lean on existing resources instead
  • Practical enough to know when to stop polishing code and ship it
  • Has a strong desire to learn how to be a manager (or how to improve at it)

About The Role:

  • Empower your team members to be productive by providing necessary coaching and removing roadblocks
  • Continually provide feedback (both positive and negative) to your team members in addition to twice-yearly performance reviews
  • Hire additional team members when necessary, with an eye towards building a diverse and cohesive group
  • Monitor the team’s productivity as well as work/life balance
  • Identify, propose, and implement new processes to improve team quality of life
  • Collaborate with the frontend tech lead, product team, and design team to prioritize features and bug fixes to best serve our customers
  • Contribute to the development of our web applications and static websites (optional, based on candidate preference)

imgix is building the future of visual media on the Internet. imgix operates the premier solution to deliver impactful, engaging, highly responsive and super fast imagery to eyeballs around the world. The service consists of a top tier image delivery platform tightly coupled with imgix’s proprietary, on-demand image processing pipeline. It provides customers with great design flexibility while reducing the engineering investment required to serve state-of-the-art visual media. imgix enables our customers to greatly increase the value of their imagery and get back to building awesome things.

Under normal circumstances, we are located in downtown San Francisco, close to BART and Caltrain. With COVID, we are working remotely and will be remote-friendly going forward even after the pandemic is under control and we can return to the office. Employee benefits are comprehensive (401k, medical, dental and vision), perks are generous (catered lunches, paid rides home, the occasional team outing), vacation time is flexible, parental leave is available and highly encouraged, and salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide engineers with anything they (reasonably) need to be effective in their work: funky keyboards, standing desks, and gear to develop on.

Meet imgix

imgix is the leading provider of on-demand image processing for websites and mobile apps. imgix’s API gives developers the power to perform image transformations at scale — from simple crops and compression to changing color profiles and adding watermarks — in real time before an image is served.