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Head of People Operations


About the Role:

imgix is looking for an experienced people operations leader to help us manage and scale our team. The ideal candidate would have a history of success helping fast-growing startups onboard new employees and own the entire life-cycle of an employee. As the team continues to grow, this individual would be responsible for instituting and improving processes for keeping all employee information up-to-date, in good standing with various local, state, federal, and international government entities, and accessible by our management staff for reporting and compensation evaluation. Additionally, this individual would also be initially responsible for helping organize and manage our recruiting efforts, both in-house and with third-party recruiters.

What we are looking for

  • Direct experience in managing human resources at 50+ person companies, preferably with 3+ years of experience.
  • Knowledge of processes related to remote-friendly companies where employees may be located in other states or other countries. Experience with the US visa/immigration process is a plus.
  • Experience with building compensation frameworks, managing equity grants, and administering benefits plans.
  • A strong focus on driving diversity across an organization.
  • Proven ability to operate in both tactical and strategic capacities.
  • A take-charge attitude, whether it means performing boots-on-the-ground tasks oneself or securing the resources necessary to get things done faster.
  • A high attention to detail, strong organization, and clear communication skills.

About The Role:

  • This role reports directly to the CEO and operates with input from the entire executive team.
  • The technologies we use for the purposes of human resources (but are not limited to) Trinet, Papaya Global, and Carta. For recruiting, we rely on JobScore and a handful of resume distribution channels. Reaffirming these technology decisions or championing new solutions will be a critical part of this role.
  • We are a remote-friendly company that has employees located all over the world. This role requires continually learning, knowing, and staying up to date on the different tax codes and laws related to the specific places that employees are operating in.
  • Will be responsible for establishing and organizing our recruiting efforts by working directly with our sales and engineering teams to find the best talent.
  • Will act as a resource to employees for understanding their benefits and company policies.
  • As part of the role, hiring and managing additional people operations staff will become critical over time.

imgix is building the future of visual media on the Internet. imgix operates the premier solution to deliver impactful, engaging, highly responsive and super fast imagery to eyeballs around the world. The service consists of a top tier image delivery platform tightly coupled with imgix’s proprietary, on-demand image processing pipeline. It provides customers with great design flexibility while reducing the engineering investment required to serve state-of-the-art visual media. imgix enables our customers to greatly increase the value of their imagery and get back to building awesome things.

Under normal circumstances, we are located in downtown San Francisco, close to BART and Caltrain. With COVID, we are working remotely and will be remote-friendly going forward even after the pandemic is under control and we can return to the office. Employee benefits are comprehensive (401k, medical, dental and vision), perks are generous (catered lunches, paid rides home, the occasional team outing), vacation time is flexible, parental leave is available and highly encouraged, and salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide engineers with anything they (reasonably) need to be effective in their work: funky keyboards, standing desks, and gear to develop on.

Meet imgix

imgix is the leading provider of on-demand image processing for websites and mobile apps. imgix’s API gives developers the power to perform image transformations at scale — from simple crops and compression to changing color profiles and adding watermarks — in real time before an image is served.