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Cybersecurity Awareness Engineer

    New York, NY

Full Time

About the Position

We’re looking for an Engineer focused on security awareness to join our Cybersecurity team. You would join our existing efforts to educate coworkers about cybersecurity issues, further automate our awareness systems, write code to extract interesting and actionable metrics, and provide technical advice to a technical firm. You would also participate in the Cybersecurity team’s general activities in order to stay connected to the team at large.

Our awareness efforts are one of the foundations of the strong Cybersecurity program at Jane Street. In support of that, we have a variety of awareness-related systems, including fully automated and internally developed phishing simulations, password cracking, awareness surveys, metrics, and more. We’re looking for someone to focus primarily on awareness from a technical perspective. This role will require a strong technical foundation, scripting/coding skills, interest in the “why” behind security advice, critical thinking about human behavior, and understanding that when it comes to humans, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

About You

  • Realistic expectations of others. You think about how to make security doable by everyone, including your friends and family. You think about what people who don’t specialize in security have the capacity to do while living their not-security-focused lives
  • Tapped into cybersecurity developments. You follow cybersecurity news, but can tell the difference between the latest cool hack by security researchers and what actually matters to the everyday lives of you and your coworkers
  • Strong scripting or programming experience, and surrounding practices. You have the interest and ability to automate in a real programming language, the ability and desire to manage your code and configs in version control, and the knowledge of your editor (we don't care which editor, though)
  • Understand and practice good personal cybersecurity hygiene, and can talk to others about it. For example, you know what a password manager is, you either use one or have something which you can reasonably argue is equivalent or better, and you can walk someone through the tradeoffs you've made (seriously, we’ll ask you about this sort of thing during the interview process)
  • A positive and collaborative attitude. You understand that a key component of cybersecurity is bringing others along with you on the journey. You can work well with a team, admit to and learn from mistakes, and work together to find creative solutions in the developing field of cybersecurity awareness
  • Fluency in English is required

Jane Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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