Women Impact Tech

Computer Vision Engineer

    Emeryville, CA

About the Role:

Bring modern computer vision to the physical world with industrial robots! Despite dramatic advances in machine perception, nearly all manufacturing robots are blind. We are looking for industry experts and researchers who are motivated to develop state-of-the-art real-time vision algorithms to address unsolved problems in manipulation.

This role is Python heavy, and the requirements for our code are stringent — we have applications running 24/7 in production today. Thus, experience shipping production-ready code is a big plus. 

If you are excited to use six-axis robots, cameras, and GPUs to make the perfect platform for closing the perception-control loop, we want to hear from you!

You Will:

  • Implement and develop state-of-the-art algorithms for real-time computer vision on robots, including stereo vision and deep networks for recognition
  • Research, implement, and integrate grasping algorithms for robotic bin picking and related problems
  • Design and write software interfaces for flexible implementation of vision-based applications

You Have:

  • PhD or Master's Degree with current industry experience in computer vision, machine learning/deep learning, or robotic manipulation
  • Experience writing numerical code with numpy

Bonus Points:

  • At least 5 years Experience with CUDA and associated deep learning frameworkssoftware development experience. Titling flexible for more experienced applicants.
  • Relevant published research papers
  • Experience with reconstruction algorithms

Diversity Statement:

Symbio Robotics is dedicated to building a diverse team that is as complex and creative as the solutions we engineer for industrial automation applications. We are actively committed to engaging all voices and experiences in building the future of automation.

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