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Hyatt Regency | March 5, 2019


Making an Impact, Together

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On March 5, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency, 600+ top female engineers were able to network with the top tech companies who are committed to inclusion and innovation in San Francisco. Through panels, keynotes and presentations, companies and attendees alike were able to engage in meaningful and actionable conversation surrounding the past and future impact of women in tech.

Who Joined Us

600+ Diverse Engineers & Tech Leaders with distinguished backgrounds

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Backend Development   |   Cloud Computing   |   Systems Architecture   |  Full Stack/Front End Development   |  SRE/DevOps   |   Data Engineering/Data Science   |   Mobile Development   |  Engineering Management   |


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5-8 Years


8+ Years

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In San Francisco, Women Impact Tech partnered with 50+ top tech companies to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and female equality in tech
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What They are Saying?

Hear from event attendees

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93% Met and Exceeded Expectations

Engineers and Tech Leaders


I found the company presentations and panels super useful to learn about new technologies and products out in the market. The panels were a great way to learn best practices about how different leaders are trying to make a change in their organizations.

Open Source Engineer

I enjoyed the panels and sessions I attended and got to learn from other experienced engineers about interesting challenges – technical and other. I got the opportunity to meet with very interesting companies I wasn’t familiar with before meeting them at the conference and had the chance to set up interviews with them.

Senior Software Engineer Attendee

Loved the 1:1 interaction that we had leading up to the event. The quality of candidates was great. Will definitely want to attend future ones!

AI Tech Company

100% Met and Exceeded Expectations


What They Experienced

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Inspiring Keynotes

Women-Impact-Tech-Inspiring-Keynotes-Kamini Dandapani

Kamini Dandapani

Women-Impact-Tech-Inspiring-Keynotes-Ishita Manjumdar

Ishita Manjumdar


3 Dynamic Panel Sessions

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Women-Impact-Tech-San-Francisco-2019-Defining Our Purpose

Defining Our Purpose

This introductory panel set the stage for the day by defining the purpose of this event. Led by Salem Kimbal, the discussion explored the dynamic Boston tech scene, the women who are leading the efforts of creating space for the community to succeed, and why it is so important for women to make a collective impact.

Women-Impact-Tech-San-Francisco-2019-Empowering You

Empowering You

Moderated by Ruth Bram, this panel highlighted individual narratives of women who have made a significant impact on themselves, those around them, and the cutting-edge technology they work with every day. Their stories offered advice and tangible tools to help carve out impactful careers.

Women-Impact-Tech-San-Francisco-Fostering Cultures of Inclusion & Innovation

Fostering Cultures of Inclusion & Innovation

Companies play a large role in setting up systems for allowing women to impact the workplace-whether it be hiring the right talent, making space at the table for decision-making, or ensuring that women are at the forefront of up and coming technology. This panel highlighted what companies are doing to curate an engaging and inclusive culture.

See you again soon

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