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Bell Harbor International Conference Center | May 24-25, 2022


Making an Impact, Together

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On May 24-25, 2022 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, over 400 of the top female engineers were able to network with close to 30 top tech companies who are committed to inclusion and innovation in the Seattle area. Through panels, keynotes and presentations, companies and attendees alike were able to engage in meaningful and inspiring conversation surrounding the past and future impact of women in tech.

Who Joined Us

585 Diverse Engineers & Tech Leaders with distinguished backgrounds

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Backend Development   |   Cloud Computing   |   Systems Architecture   |  Full Stack/Front End Development   |  SRE/DevOps   |   Data Engineering/Data Science   |   Mobile Development   |  Engineering Management   |


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What They are Saying?

Hear from event attendees

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93% Met and Exceeded Expectations

Engineers and Tech Leaders


The panelist had amazing insights on day to day approach to work, growth, parenting while working and self actualization while at it. I enjoyed the talent recruitment stands and understanding different perspectives, spaces and ideas.

Senior Software Engineer Attendee

Meeting women with intention of building each other up. The talks were thought provoking and inspiring and the opportunity to chat with various companies was enlightening.

Full Stack Engineer Attendee

What Did They Experience

Inspiring Keynotes

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Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Keynotes-Bridget Frey

Bridget Frey


Dynamic Panelist Sessions and Tech Workshops

Technology Leaders Making an Impact

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Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Moms in Tech-How are Mothers Surviving

Moms in Tech: How are Mothers Surviving? How Many are Thriving?

Sponsored by Microsoft

This panelist session featured five moms who work at Microsoft. Each panelist shared their stories of motherhood and successful careers. Attendees learned about the challenges each of these mothers face in tech and the challenge of being a parent in the corporate world. Attendees learned key takeaways about how to survive in the tech industry as a working mom.

Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Build NLP and Forecasting models Without Writing a single line of code

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Build NLP and Forecasting models Without Writing a single line of code

Sponsored by Microsoft

There is so much happening within Microsoft Azure machine Learning AutoML! Attendees learned how Microsoft enabled users to create a time-series forecasting model without writing a single line of code using automated machine learning in the Azure Machine Learning studio. Attendees also learned about how AutoML Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to build NLP models for tasks such as Multi-class Classification, Multi-label Classification and Named Entity Recognition without writing any training code.

Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Improving Your Professional Brand

Improving Your Professional Brand

Your professional brand is your first impression in the working world and as we know first impressions are important. However, as with any good brand it is just as important to grow, develop and improve your professional brand as your career changes. During this session we take a deep dive into establishing and improving your professional brand for the better.

Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

As we climb higher in our careers, often there are internalized feelings of self-doubt and that we don’t belong or haven’t earned the right to be where we are. This psychological phenomenon is called Impostor Syndrome and it is believed that approximately 82% of people experience this. In this session we will look at what is impostor syndrome and how we can overcome our own thoughts and feelings.

Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Setting Goals and Plans as a High Performing Leader

Setting Goals & Plans as a High Performing Leader

As a high performing leader, you may find that there are many things that need to be done at once and it can seem overwhelming at times. Plans are the steps you take in achieving your goals and they both play a key role in your professional and personal life. This session will discuss how to navigate setting goals and plans to achieve success.

Women-Impact-Tech-Seattle-2022-Panel-Sessions-Getting Comfortable with Self-Advocating

Getting Comfortable with Self-Advocating

No matter how uncomfortable or unnatural it may feel, it is important and necessary for you to self-advocate. Men often exaggerate their outcomes while traditionally women underplay their value and input. In this session, hear from other women on how they accepted their accomplishments and utilized it to articulate their strengths and capabilities.

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