WIT | San Francisco

Pier 27 | March 16, 2022


Making an Impact, Together

On March 16, 2022 at Pier 27 in San Francisco, nearly 1,000 of the top female engineers were able to network with over 80 top tech companies who are committed to inclusion and innovation in the Bay Area. Through panels, keynotes and presentations, companies and attendees alike were able to engage in meaningful and inspiring conversation surrounding the past and future impact of women in tech.

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Women Impact Tech partnered with the San Francisco's top tech companies to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and female equality in tech

What They are Saying?

Hear from event attendees

93% Met and Exceeded Expectations

Engineers and Tech Leaders

I found the talks and panels to be very inspirational and I need that to fuel my year in tech.

Senior Software Engineer Attendee

The panel discussions were incredibly insightful. There is something uniquely empowering, inspiring, and supportive about being in a room of mostly women - especially women in power.

Full Stack Engineer Attendee

I loved the exhibition floor. It was interesting talking to the different “ companies and seeing many I've never heard of.

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Inspiring Keynotes

Inspiring Keynotes

Anna Lai

Preethi Narayanan

Five Dynamic Panel Sessions

Getting Comfortable with Self- Advocating

No matter how uncomfortable or unnatural it may feel, it is important and necessary for you to self-advocate. Men often exaggerate their outcomes while traditionally women underplay their value and input. In this session, hear from other women on how they accepted their accomplishments and utilized it to articulate their strengths and capabilities.

The Importance of Allies

In order to bring our best selves to work, we need to feel heard and included. By aligning with the right people, you can be supported and enabled in a way you wouldn’t otherwise. In this roundtable, tech leaders discuss how they created relationships that were pivotal in their career and how they now have become an ally themselves.

Remote Working: Navigating the Pro’s and Con’s

Working remotely isn’t a new concept but has been amplified and reinvented with the introduction of COVID. It has its many advantages but also forces different ways of managing workloads and behaviors. Learn how other women are navigating these new waters.

The Impact of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Unconscious bias is a prejudice outside of one’s awareness. Everyday our colleagues and leaders are making decisions that may impact us in a negative way unintentionally based on their unconscious bias. Although it may not be possible to eliminate bias completely, in this session, we’ll explore the different types of bias, and tangible ways to reduce the negative impact.

Leadership & Power: Becoming a Master Influencer

To influence is to have an impact on the behaviors, attitudes, opinions and choices of others. Whether you’re leading a project, a team, or the company’s technical strategy, your ability to influence others will determine your success in driving change, building cohesive teams and successfully implementing a strategic vision.

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