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Pier 27 | March 5, 2020


Making an Impact, Together

On March 5, 2020 at Pier 27 in San Francisco, nearly 1,000 of the top female engineers were able to network with over 80 top tech companies who are committed to inclusion and innovation in the Bay Area. Through panels, keynotes and presentations, companies and attendees alike were able to engage in meaningful and inspiring conversation surrounding the past and future impact of women in tech.

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Women Impact Tech partnered with the San Francisco's top tech companies to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and female equality in tech

What They are Saying?

Hear from event attendees

96% Met and Exceeded Expectations

Engineers and Tech Leaders

The keynote speakers were so good and I could relate so much with them. Their stories and advice that they presented were extremely insightful and valuable!

Senior Software Engineer Attendee

The opportunity to network with so many women was inspiring! Hearing that we all travel similar paths with similar obstacles was incredibly refreshing.

Full Stack Engineer Attendee

98% Met and Exceeded Expectations


Our team thought the event was fantastic! Having targeted meetings and the opportunity to speak to the Bay Area's brightest female talent all at once was incredible.

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Inspiring Keynotes

Inspiring Keynotes

Vijaya Kaza

Alana Karen

Four Dynamic Panel Sessions

Defining Communities of Collaboration and Innovation

This panel, moderated by Ash Coleman (Head of D&I, Credit Karma) dove into the nuances of being a woman in tech and the community we create in order to thrive. Key questions analyzed were: How does being an engineer impact your daily life? What insights have you gained from working in a statistically male-dominated industry, and How does that impact your relationships with other female tech professionals?

Silencing Self-Doubt and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Is your inner self-doubt overtaking your ability to get into action and go after what you want? Despite academic success, huge promotions, and outstanding accomplishments women often find themselves struggling with a nagging feeling that they will be ‘found out’ or unmasked as a fraud. In this panel, moderator Marisella Bodrero (Career Coach) spoke with tech leaders to discuss best practices for those who suffer from Imposter Syndrome and tips on how to overpower these insecurities.

Developing Strategies for Making an Impact

Getting more female representation in STEM is important, but what do you do once you are already there? How do you navigate unique office cultures, career pivot points, and find mentors in the tech field? Through statistics and anecdotal evidence, Ysis Tarer (Sr. Software Engineer, Amyris) led panelists in a discussion on how to successfully leave your mark and make a lasting personal and professional impact as a woman in tech.

Integrating Inclusion in Tech

This panel discussed how any organization, regardless of size, can integrate meaningful D&I practices into a company’s culture into their everyday operations. Moderated by Tracy Gosset-Stone (Global Leader-Tech Women, Intuit), key questions included: How do you ensure that your company fosters an engaging and collaborative culture? What are proven strategies that companies and individuals can implement to make the workplace more inclusive?

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